Medellín, Colombia ❤️

lmao i hate when dudes deny their feelings

lmao i hate when dudes deny their feelings


I’m getting really sick of hearing all this “Brazil bought the game” shit. The fact is Neymar has a broken back because Colombia couldn’t win fair. They have one good player. Yes he’s very good but brazil as a whole is a better team. Get over it.

It was a very poor game, with an alleged plan from FIFA to help the host nation advance to the semifinals. FIFA wants Brazil to win their sixth championship at all costs.I think they made a great choice with the referee, especially in those crucial moments when Colombia had the better chance in winning the game.David Luiz systematically tried to injure James Rodriguez by fouling him six times and the ref never once pulled out a card.The organization should have given respect to the Colombian players and their fans. i am still beyond proud of my team, i love my team they did in days what many haven’t been able to do in years. The happiness and pride to be from colombia doesn’t compare to anything. To me, they are the champions.

When Colombia Loses Against Brazil


Your reaction towards the referee .. a.k.a asshole

dayum.sexiest mugshot I’ve ever seen lol

in complete love with this álbum

como extraño mi tierrita

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